Sunday February 7th 2016

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IEEE UK and Ireland GOLD – Graduates of the Last Decade

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GOLD provides a bridge for students about to graduate and have an interest is technical fields and activities.

Our events are geared to reach out to:

– those IEEE members who have graduated in the last decade

– graduates in the final year of their studies in a technical discipline

We try and link our graduates working in organisations with current students. We also provide events of interest to those in employment.

GOLD Webinars: Monthly webinars on topics ranging from professional
development to life skills development, and to humanitarian initiatives
are offered to the IEEE GOLD community.

Mentoring Connection: IEEE Mentoring Connection is an online program
that facilitates young professionals to form professional development
partnerships with experienced professionals to enhance their career skills.

IEEE memberNet – The IEEE Member Directory Online: IEEE memberNet™
is an online searching and networking tool for members to connect
with technical and engineering experts worldwide.

GOLDRush Newsletter: IEEE GOLD publishes a quarterly newsletter
covering GOLD news from around the world, professional development
topics, and IEEE opportunities for GOLD members.

IEEE Career and Employment Resources: Resources for job hunting,
resume writing, interview preparation, and continuing education credit

IEEE JobSite: Search exclusive job postings for IEEE members from
leading technology companies.

Volunteer Leader Development: IEEE GOLD is always looking for members
who are interested in participating, planning, organizing, and leading
GOLD programs. Becoming engaged in the GOLD community is rewarding,
career enhancing, and a fun opportunity to network and engage with
fellow IEEE members.

Technical Programs and Opportunities
Expert Now Tutorials: A series of engaging and highly interactive online
learning courses based on the best IEEE educational tutorials and workshops
from IEEE conferences around the world. An Internet-based television network producing and delivering
programs about technology and engineering.

Community Programs and Opportunities
STEP Program: The IEEE Student Transition Elevation Partnership (STEP)
Program has been formed to introduce graduating students to the local
IEEE GOLD community. STEP events often include networking sessions and
feature local IEEE GOLD member as speakers and participants alike.

Who we are

The first ten years after graduation from university are challenging
for many young professionals.
Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) is the group of IEEE members
who have completed their first academic degree within the last
10 years. The GOLD program has been established to provide the
framework and tools for the sections’ use in retaining recent
graduates, and to help students transition to young professionals.
IEEE young professionals are automatically added to the GOLD member
community as they graduate.

A wide variety of benefits and opportunities are available to IEEE
GOLD members, to help them grow professionally, enhance technical
knowledge, and become involved in community.

The GOLD Affinity Group encourages continuing IEEE membership by
Graduates of the Last Decade. The GOLD team promotes networking
of GOLD members and co-ordinates events.

Contact us / Officers

Chair: Dr.Arti Agrawal
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences,
City University London, EC1V 0HB.

Member executive committee: Dr. Xiaoli Chu
108, Norfolk Building, Strand Campus, Kings College,
London WC2R 2LS