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IEEE UK and Ireland Computer Society Chapter

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A public lecture on Green Computing open to IEEE members at Emmanuel College,
Cambridge, UK, on 28 March 2012.

June 23, 2012, is the Centenary of Alan Turing’s birth in London. During
his relatively brief life, Turing made a unique impact on the history of
computer science.

A number of major events will take place throughout the year. Most of
these will be linked to places with special significance in Turing’s
life, such as Cambridge, Manchester and Bletchley Park.


Keynote Speech, “Future Computing”, WorldCIS-2012, June, 2012
• Tech Co-sponsorship, 14th International Conference on Computer Modelling
and Simulation (UKSim), Cambridge, UK, 28-30 March 2012
• Keynote Speech, “Green Computing”, World Congress on Sustainable IT,
London, 9 November,2011
• Keynote Speech, “Towards 2020 Computing”, International Conference
on Information Society (i-Society 2011), 27-29 June 2011, London
• Tech Co-sponsorship, 5th International Conference on Next Generation
Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies (NGMAST 2011)
Cardiff, UK 7-9 September 2011
• Tech Co-sponsorship, 3rd International Conference on Computational
Intelligence, Modelling & Simulation, Langkawi, Malaysia, 20 – 22
September 2011,
• Tech Co-sponsorship, UKSim European Symposium on Computer Modeling
and Simulation, Madrid, 16 – 18 November 2011,

Who we are

We are Computer Engineers. We are Computer Scientists. We
program. We are the IEEE Computer Society UK and Ireland Chapter

Contact us / Committee

Chair: Professor Frank Zhigang Wang
Head of School of Computing
University of Kent
United Kingdom

Professor Jim Yip
Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC)
University of Salford

Dr. Vivien Xiaoli Chu
Division of Engineering
King’s College London
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

Executive Committee Member
Dr. John Gordon (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire)
Dr. Na Helian (Hertfordshire University)
Giuseppe De Francesco (GDF IT Consultancy)
Prof. Peter Astheimer (University of Abertay)
Prof. Khalid Al-Begain (University of Glamorgan)
Dr. Gordon Dodds (Queen’s University of Belfast)
Dr. Kevin Wenjun Yang (IEEE Visiting Fellow, SanjiTech President)
Dr. David Tan (EuroElectronics)
Prof. Charles Shoniregun (Infonomics Society)

Ireland Representative
Giuseppe De Francesco
GDF IT Consultancy

Scotland Representative
Prof. Peter Astheimer
International Centre for Computer Games and Virtual Entertainment (IC CAVE)
University of Abertay

Wales Representative
Professor Khalid Al-Begain
Mobile Computing and Networking RG
School of Computing
University of Glamorgan
Pontypridd (Cardiff)
CF37 1DL, Wales, UK

Northern Ireland Representative
Dr. Gordon Dodds
School of Computer Science
Queen’s University of Belfast
Ashby Bldg, Stranmillis Rd, Belfast BT9 5AH
Northern Ireland